Kenosha Truck Accident Lawyers

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are around 500,000 truck accidents in the United States every year. Those who have experienced one of these accidents know how damaging and frightening they can be. The consequences that follow once the wreck is over can often be worse, with a heavy financial burden accompanying emotional and physical trauma. Many times, those that suffer the most in an accident are the ones who are not even responsible for it.

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Truck Accident Causes

Though they are referred to as “accidents”, the reality of the situation is that truck crashes are typically the direct result of negligent or reckless actions on the part of a truck driver or trucking company. It is important that you determine the underlying cause of your truck accident so that you can ensure that you pursue legal action against the appropriate party. The following are representative of some of the most frequently encountered causes of truck accidents:

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